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St. Louis Council members and guests toured the U.S.Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT on 30 July hosted by Tamara McKenna, Associate Director of Admissions; Doyle Wilhite, Academy Admissions Partner and assisted by Ken Jacobs, Coast Guard Auxiliarist. The tour was conducted by Cadet Nick Cosenza.

St. Louis Council Members shown are:

Back Row Left - Mike Nolan, Tom Schmitz, David Durbin (Guest), David Christian (Guest), Robert Fredrickson and Academy Cadet Nick Cosenza

Front Row Left - Tamara McKenna (Associate Director of Admissions), Doyle Wilhite, Connie Stockton (Guest), Beth Glass, Jan Eade (Guest), Robert Eade, and Jim Erlinger, Chairman NSCC Advisory Council.

The group was in the Groton/New London area attending the Commissioning of the U.S.S. Missouri (SSN 780) on 31 July 2010.

Photo was taken by Ken Jacobs.